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Integrative Psychological Services, Inc.
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Are you struggling in important aspects of your life?

Do you feel stuck and unfulfilled?

At the Grayslake Counseling Center we get you moving again.

Anxiety Are your concerns and fears running your life?

Your level of anxiety can be reduced or eliminated. You can reduce or even eliminate your fears and begin enjoying life again.

Depression Are you feeling sad, and feeling down? Has your level of depression become so severe that you are not functioning as you use too? Is procrastination common for you?

Your sadness can lift and you can begin to understand the causes of your depression. You can make changes in your life. Joy can be part of your life again.

Abuse Are abusive memories coming up? Are recent or old traumatic memories disturbing your sleep or activities during the day? Are you avoiding the location or circumstances related to old traumatic memories? Are you unable to take risks? Is your life on hold due to old traumas?

Are you a returning war combat veteran with vivid memories, flashbacks, and nightmares? You may have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder PTSD.

Your vivid memories, nightmares, and vigilance can be reduced or eliminated. You can regain your life.

We combine specific holistic cognitive behavioral therapy with EMDR to help you feel better, reduce or eliminate your symptoms and move you towards your ideal life. At Grayslake Counseling Center we have solutions and tools to assist you in your healing process. Call 224-577-5308 or text 224-577-5308 for an appointment.