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Integrative Psychological Services, Inc.


Individual Therapy

Are you experiencing difficulties in your life? Are you having problems in your relationships? Do you have feelings of sadness, depression, or anxiety? If so schedule an individual therapy session. The first session will take approximately an hour to an hour and a half. After the first session additional sessions will be scheduled weekly. Sessions are normally 50 minute in duration.

Eye Movement Desentization Reprocessing (EMDR)

EMDR is a treatment method, which is empirically based and is validated by current research. EMDR is an effective form of treatment with a wide range of presenting problems including trauma, childhood emotional and sexual abuse, and PTSD. EMDR is also effective in addressing depression, anxiety, and other emotional challenges. Dr. Todryk is certified by EMDRIA as an EMDR therapist.

Performance Enhancement & Executive Coaching

Are you seeking to improve the quality of your life? Are you in need of coaching to get through a challenging time in your career? Call and schedule an appointment for an individual session.

Sports Psychology

Are you having difficulty reaching your personal or team performance goals? Are you working out and practicing your support and still not obtaining the performance you desire? Call and set up an appointment for an individual session.

Family Therapy

Are you confused by your child? Are you having difficulties with your child? Poor grades, low self-esteem, or social problems plaguing your teen?

We utilize practical and easy to use tools and strategies to help reduce fighting, and improve behavior at home and in school. Sessions will include parent meetings, individual work with teenagers, and full family sessions.

Diagnostic Assessments

Do you feel that something may be wrong with your mental health? Do you need to know if you have a specific mental illness such as depression, anxiety, or PTSD? Dr. Todryk has 15 years experience in performing diagnostic assessments. He utilizes a formal mental status examination, a structured clinical interview, symptom focused questions, and history gathering questions to uncover and explain your presenting symptoms. Diagnosis will be assigned if necessary.

Career and Vocational Counseling and Assessment

One of the most important decisions we make in our life is selecting a meaningful career. During a life time an average person works approximately 92,000 hours. A fulfilling career can provide satisfaction and financial reward for hard work. Dr. Todryk assists older teenagers and adults in selecting a career, and college majors. He utilizes assessment tools to provide detail information to support clients in understanding their personality structure and which fields are the most likely to be the most meaningful and compatible.

Dr. Todryk utilizes the Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) to assess personality and to provide information to clients on personality structure. The MBTI is administered to 1.5 million individuals annually. The MBTI measures three dichotomies based on Dr. Jung's and a fourth developed by Meyers and Briggs. The four dimensions of MBTI are Extraversion versus Introversion, Sensing versus Intuition, Thinking versus Feeling, and Judging versus Perceiving. A career MBTI provides feedback to the client on which careers in are most likely which careers are the most likely to be fulfilling.

The Strong Interest Inventory is a widely used career planning tool. The Strong Interest Inventory has been used to assist high school seniors, college students, and mid-career adults select a meaningful career. The Strong Interest Inventory is empirically based and underpinned on rigorous scientific research. Call 224-577-5308 or text 224-577-5308 for an appointment.