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Coping with the Stress of Financially Challenging Times
and Creating Financial Internal Security

© 2009 by Lawrence Todryk. Psy.D., M.B.A.

We currently live in financially challenging times. Financial institutions have been failing and record numbers of people have been laid off. The newspapers are full of negative events happening in all most all areas of society. The truth is that the media is focusing only on the negative events in the world. There is a lot of good and positive things happening in our country and the world. For example if unemployment is 8 percent, well 92 percent of the population is employed. Where is your point of focus, on the positive or the negative?

If we focus only on negative events, this usually results in increased feelings of depression and anxiety. The symptoms of depression and anxiety can be reduced and eliminated. See other articles on this website for more information on depression and anxiety.

To overcome the stress of our current financial times, I suggest refocusing your attention to positive events and the blessings in your life. One of the greatest prayers is a prayer of appreciation and gratitude for the blessings in our life. Christ said as a man believes in his heart so he is. Other people of prominence have talked about the law of magnetic attraction. That is what we believe in and focus or attention on increases the probability of happening. The field of cognitive psychology indicates if a person believes negatively about himself, their future, and their world, will significantly increase the possibility of depression and negative outcomes.

One of the ways I address this challenge is through prayer and affirmations. In our self-talk what ever we say after the work "I" is very powerful. If an individual is consistently thinking "I am not going to make it", the unconscious mind will seek ways to bring this into reality.

Some positive affirmations I use are:

Abundance is my nature state of being and I am accepting it now.

I am earning and receiving a great income doing what is my passion.

I am rejoicing with other's successes knowing there is an abundance for all humanity.

I am a successful manager of my financial and personal resources and my investments are paying positive returns.

I am a financial success and all my needs are being met.

I am successfully managing all of my assets and I have positive cash flow.

I am wisely investing my resources in those areas that are producing large and timely financial and personal rewards.

Every day and in every way I am becoming more opulent in all of my activities.

I am debt free and fiscally fit and joyful in living in opulence with positive cash flow.

I am gratefully receiving, wisely utilizing, and joyfully sharing the abundant resources of the universe.

I am successful. I feel and act successfully.

I value my time, energy, and resources and I use them wisely to uplift myself and others.

I enjoy giving back to others. I give thanks for my abundant riches including my health, time, family, and friends.

I am easily and gratefully living a life with health, financial wealth, and peace.

I suggest you create your own affirmations that specifically address your needs.

You can regain your self confidence in your ability to maintain and increase your personal well being.

For a consultation and to start the healing process, Call 224-577-5308 or text 224-577-5308 for an appointment. Dr. Lawrence Todryk is a licensed psychologist who received his doctorate in clinical psychology and a certificate in substance abuse counseling from Adler School of Professional Psychology. He is in private practice at Grayslake Counseling Center, Integrative Psychological Services, Inc.